Sunday, June 3, 2012

Picture Perfect

I am filling this month with firsts. I started my very first exercise plan, my very first art journal, and a new blog that is going to be filled with pictures. So I suppose I am starting my very first photograph blog. I am taking a 30 day photo challenge just because I thought it could be interesting and fun. So this month of June is the beginning of my journey to move forward, to become stronger, to strive to become who I want to be!!! I am sure the ride will be bumpy and far from perfect.

If you would like to follow my journey in pictures just click HERE!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made” psalm 139:14


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Good luck with all your firsts!!! Sounds exciting.

Karine said...

I am starting to work out too :) YOU GO GIRL! :) WOOT WOOT TO US WOMEN! :) I wish ya the best on that journey.

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