Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun Superhero Style

My Superheroes
Back in March Cole Elementary hosted a Mother/Son superheroes party. Brilliant was my first thought on the idea. As a mother of only sons we miss out on getting daughters ready for Father/Daughter dances. When it comes to special events, often times the relationship between mothers and sons gets overlooked. I mean after all, boys are not too keen on taking their moms to a dance or tea party. I think the problem much of the time is a lack of ideas with alternative options for the boys. However, I think that Cole Elementary figured it out with the Superheroes. I am sure it’s probably not the first one ever done and the idea might not have originated at the school. It was however, the first one that I had heard of and, more importantly, participated in. It was so much fun! We all dress up like superheroes and head to the school in costume. The gym was spilling over with all kinds of superheroes like Batmen, Hulks, Captain Americas, Supermen and of course Supermoms! The music was loud, the rock climbing wall filled with heroes, and the food was hotdogs and pizza. The boys had a marvelous time and as mom it was really pretty special to get to share the moments and the memories with my sons! Yay for the Superheroes Party!!!

Super Fun!!!


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