Friday, May 4, 2012

Flowers Flowers Everywhere

I have never in my life had a green thumb, but it has never really stop me from trying. I have skipped a few years of gardening, but this year I am in love. I couldn't help myself from giving it another go. I also couldn't help showing you a few of my favorites this year.

My first project was inspired by pinterest of course. Who isn't inspired by that website. Anyways I tried to trace back the original origin of the pin to give the creator created, but I had no such luck. So if you know shoot me a message and I will create them. In the mean time....well done person with the idea!!!

The Idea Pin From Pinterest

The One That Now Lives On My Front Porch

Of course my flowers aren't as big yet fingers are crossed that they do actually grow. I also think that I choose smaller pots. My little corner was not that huge so I am glad for that.  All in all I am happy with the little project. 

Meet the Beast....So I cheated and bought this one!

Okay so I didn't actually grow the Beast, but I loved it so much when I laid eyes on it at the Nashville Flee market. I blame this plant and pinterest for the desire to gain a green thumb this year. Isn't she lovely!!!  Last of the flower picture show today is Ms. Ivy Geranium below these are one of my favorites to have. I love the leaves on this plant. What is your favorite flowers this season?

Ivy Geranium

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”
Walt Disney Company, Mulan


benjaminnleslie said...

I love the flower pot tower in the corner that you did! So cute!! I really love tulips but it's so sad that they only live just a short time. I like stuff too that grows back easily on it's own-knock out rose bushes, hydrangeas (sp?), day lillies, ect...I know there are tons more but I haven't had to research all that yet since we don't own a home. :o) ...but when we do, I'll be planting flowers!

Anonymous said...

I love the pots with your family name on it - super beautiful. I miss you in Wow - especially since I'm beta testing the new expansion.

Jaime Leigh said...

@ benjaminleslie...I love hydrangeas. I actually just ordered the Strawberry Vanilla one, and can't wait to get it! I love roses also. I have a very black thumb, but I can't help to keep trying to turn in green! =)

@ Mominsanity...Thank you! I miss you also! I miss all my World of Warcraft Pals so much!!!!!

Emmy said...

I do not have a green thumb either much to my mama's dismay. Your tier planter looks awesome!

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