Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Snippet (WWII Veterans)

It's Sunday that means it is time for Sunday Snippet here on my blog. Sunday Snippet is where I share a little snippet of my heart a thought, person, thing, short story, dream, poem, quote, or like today a photograph. Today's little snippet of my heart is some family history. Pictured below are my great grandparents and their two sons. My Great Uncle James Leo Little whom I hold very dear to my heart, and my Grandfather Charlie Little. I never had the honor of meeting my Grandfather, but he sure did look mighty handsome in his uniform! Both of these gentlemen served in World War II.

Pictured: James Leo, Ida May, Benton, and Charlie Little


Unknown said...

The uniforms are wonderful, as is the entire picture.

Last week my mom was digging thru all her old pics from the '40's. What wonderful memories she shared with me. Yep, a picture is certainly worth 1000 words.

Thanks so much for visiting! Hope to see you again soon!

Anita said...

Just read you snippet on your Leo and your grandparents... We share something in common that I would have never imagined... Our grandmothers have the same name.. My dad's Mother's name was Ida May (Fitts) Mabe. Just thought that was cool... :)

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