Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monster Fun!!!

Today I am taking a little break from the America series that has been my main focus for this month. However, stayed tuned, because there is more to come in that series.

So, this week I discovered something unexpected. I have been bitten by the craft bug. I have not been able to soak up enough of all those amazing creative blogs that are out there in cyber world, which has given me a deep desire to create and be creative. I haven't quite decided what that craft is going to be. I will keep you updated on that decision. At the same time, I thought it would be great to share some of my fellow bloggers every now and then, and show you what they have been up to lately. I would like to reveal Mandee Franee Designs. This single mom of three boys started her craft with her son's holey sock and her creative instinct, which has lead to a business of making the most adorable little sock monsters. Each one has it's own personality, much like the children that ended up loving these adorable little monsters. No two are just alike, which I just love!

You know you want one of these adorable little monsters!!!

Say Cheese!

Besides the sock monsters, Mandee Franee Designs also offers Lens Pets. Lens Pets are a creative way to get those wondering toddlers to look at the camera. Even grownups will find the camera lens more fun...I mean how can you not smile when some creature is sticking his tongue out at you. You can find Mandee Franee Designs on her Etsy shop or follow her on facebook and twitter!

I wanted to share one last photograph with you. I thought it was just to creative to pass up showing you. Isn't this little ladybug just to cute for words? I just totally fell in love with this little monster. The little pirate is my favorite, but the ladybug is for sure a close second! =)

All Picture credits go to Mandee Franee Designs


Maria said...

So cute, I love all of them!!! You are very talented!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

Lens pets are brilliant!!

CutePriya said...

these are so adorable...

Melissa said...

I love the camera dragon cover. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Hope the cheesecake dessert works for you.

rebekah said...

agh! why can't i come up with an awesome, useful idea lol?

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