Monday, July 26, 2010

Military Wives {America's Unseen Heroes}

What is it like for the wives left behind when the men they love go off to war? Who are these extraordinary women and what do they think about the lives they lead? I can only imagine that being the spouse of a soldier is hard, stressful, and sometimes lonely, which is why the Ladies that marry these men in U.S. military uniform are made of something special. These women are willing to put themselves aside to be what their soldier and families need, and most will tell you it is all worth it. They have an enduring strength, both physically and mentally, that is paired with courage, love and stability. Qualities that come in handy when their soldier comes up for deployment. Deployment means change and sacrifices for everyone involved. I would like to introduce two lovely women who are waiting on their soldiers to return home. Meet Mrs. Marcie Parsons and Mrs. Haley Parsons. If you noticed that their last names match, that is because these two young ladies are sister-in-laws. They married twin brothers SSg James Parsons and SSg Josh Parsons of 2/278th E-Troop out of Livingston, TN. Marcie and Haley said goodbye to their husbands when they where deployed from Livingston in December 2009, and then again from Mississippi February 9, 2010. Their expected return was sometime in December 2010, but the Ladies received some good news that they could be returning some three months earlier than first anticipated. These two military families are not only related, but they also choose to be neighbors, which has allowed Marcie and Haley to form a close and valued friendship while the brothers are overseas. Marcie and Haley both have said that their friendship has been a shining light of support over the past couple of months. These two young wives have showed a unique and rare heroism of their own the past couple of months and that heroism, united with that of their husbands', deserves to be noticed, applauded and appreciated. I just want to, once again, say thank you to these two American families who are making some tough sacrifices in-order to serve this beautiful nation of ours!

Both wives answered a few questions for me about their lives, families, and the men they both call heroes. There is no doubt both of these women are beaming with pride and nothing but love and admiration for the gentlemen they married. I chose a few of their interview questions to share with you all today. I hope you enjoy and learn from what these ladies had to say.


Question: You and your husband met how and when?
Marcie's Answer: We meet years ago back in 98 out in town. We were both taking different paths at that time and never really gave each other a 2nd look!! Funny how things worked out!!

Question: You and your husband met how and when? Did you know when you married him that he would be deployed?
Haley's Answer: Josh and I met in 2007. We were introduced in September, fell madly in love :), engaged the following May, and married on July 26, 2008; When Josh and I married I was aware that there was a chance that he would be deployed. We just weren't exactly sure when that would occur.

Question: How would you describe your husband to someone who didn't know him?
Marcie's Answer: Well,first I would say he is one of the Parsons twin! LOL Then I would say he is the love of my life and is the greatest daddy to our 2 kids that I could have ever asked for. He loves his family. He has served and still is serving his country! He is a hero and is loved by so many!!

Question: How do you stay busy while your solider is gone?
Haley's Answer: The way I have remained busy throughout this deployment is to 'create projects' ha-ha. I have helped my sister-in-law paint her entire house, put in a pool at my own, added decks on to the house, landscaped the yard, and the list goes on. Staying busy was definitely the key to getting through this. It truly has made the time pass so quickly while allowing me to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Question: What is the hardest challenge you face about being an American Soldier's wife?
Marcie's Answer: The hardest challenge would have to be not knowing if he will come home! The worrying! Making sure his son know who his daddy is while he is gone!

Question: Have you as a person changed because of your marriage to a soldier?
Haley's Answer: There are parts of myself that I think have changed due to being married to a soldier. I never fully understood before. Being married to a soldier, you realize just how much they really do sacrifice for their country, family, and other things. I had respect for the military before b/c I have family that has served, but now I have much more respect. I have became a more patient person during this deployment and have also realized that I am much stronger than I thought I ever was or could be

Question: What little things did you take for granted when he was home everyday that you will never take for granted again when he returns?
Marcie's Answer: Well I don't even know where to start!! The saying "You never know what you have got till it is gone" is so true!!
There is so much that you never think about when someone is around all the time! This has really showed me so much!!
I will never take for granted the way he helps me with the kids! The way he helped me clean the house, helped me cook just all the stuff like that.
And I will never and I mean never take for granted the love and the way he would smile at me and the way he would hold me! And there is this look that he would always do that I would give anything to see that look right now!! It's hard when not only is your husband is gone but when your best friend is gone! And to know that, that person may never come home again! :(

Question: What is the hardest challenge you face about being an American Soldier's wife?
Haley's Answer: The hardest challenge for me has been being "alone". Yes, I realize I've not been fully alone due to having family, friends, neighbors, etc. But all of those are not the same as having your husband here at home with you when everyone else isn't around. Not having him here to listen at the exact time something is wrong or even with something is wonderful to share, not having his shoulder to cry on, not having him to pick up after haha, etc, etc. Loneliness, by far, has been the most difficult for me.

Question: What do your children think about Daddy being a soldier? Do they grasp how important his job is?
Marcie's Answer: Haven being 10 now, she understand some of it but not all of it! Heath being 13months now, was only 7 months old when daddy left so really is still to young to understand it! Which can be a very good thing but also a bad thing!!

Question: What do you look forward to the most about his return?
Haley's Answer: I look forward to all the 'little things' when he returns. His voice (from somewhere other than through the headset), his smell, his hugs and kisses, his ability to make me feel 'secure'. I have missed him more than anyone could imagine and it's going to be so nice to finally have him home!

Question: Do you ladies have any advice or encouragement for other wives of soldiers?
Marcie's Answer: Stay strong! Keep praying! Never give up hope! And when he or she gets home don't ever take one day for granted!
Haley's Answer: Just take it one day at a time. Things will change constantly and you can't plan for anything. But you do learn to appreciate the time you have together. You learn to appreciate the little things. Have a positive attitude. Think of it all as an adventure rather than an inconvenience. Be patient and keep yourself BUSY!! Give your soldier support the best that you can. Being an Army wife is an honor and its something that you should be very grateful for. :)


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