Saturday, July 3, 2010


I have always been a sort of night owl. I find the night peaceful and relaxing always have. But you know when your the mother of three small children staying up all night is usually not the most intelligent of decisions to make. Yet here I am at 2:08am still awake. So while I was a awake tonight I wrote this little amateur poem about sleep. Enjoy!

In this dark shadow of lonely night,
My thoughts dangerously speed
Mesmerizing my will to rest peacefully
As once again sleep has denied me

Sleep that soothing dwelling
That enchanting place on which dreams reside
Those beautiful, peaceful, spirited dreams
Dreams that dance and fill the dark shadows with light!

As my tired eyes crave that peaceful ,sloom of sleep
And my tired soul pleads for dancing light of dreams


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime, I liked your poem about sleep & dreams. Good work!

Love ya,


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