Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankfulness Reflections Day 25

When I was younger much younger and living at home back on the farm I would run to the barn loft and just sit there with my dog. It was where I found peace. It’s where I first talk to God. I had no real relationship with Him; I had never given myself or my heart over to Him. I merely new He existed. I had knowledge of Him, but no relationship. Yet there I was my hair was probably wild, my jeans where stained with grass and mud, and I am sure I was having a bad day. As bad as they come in the juvenile sense of bad day, but there I was whispering up prayers to the Heavens. I can’t remember what about only that I was talking to God. I am thankful for that memory! But I am most thankful for the what happen next....

 It would be years later before I would truly find relationship with Jesus. It was one Tuesday night at small Baptist Church in the town I grew up in. I was a teenager at the time 14 to be exact. I was there with friends for a youth revival night; I was there to hang out with friends. I got much more than that. I didn’t even know I was searching for something, but I was. I was searching for protection. I wanted to protect my heart from the world around me. So that night I meet Jesus the ultimate protector from the world. I felt his love for me instantly, and knew from the start my life would be forever different. I am so very thankful for that day! I am thankful for a living God who's love always remains with me. No matter how broken I am He loves me! I am so very thankful for all He has blessed me with! I am really in awe of Him, and His saving grace! Because of Him I really do have so much to be thankful for!!!!! I am thankful I let my friends drag me to hang out at church that night!!!!


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