Monday, February 27, 2012

Book Inspired Costumes

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday the boys school is celebrating with READ ME WEEK. On Friday they are ending the celebration of reading with book character day. The boys are going to be dressing up as a  famous book characters. In honor of this creative and fun day I browsed the Internet for a few of my favorite characters brought to life by costume fun. Here are some of my adorable finds from the world wide web. I think the costumes below can easily be tailored to fit  adults or child  so that everyone may take part in a charatcer day at their school!  HAPPY READ ME WEEK!


Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego Book

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen is a media franchise of educational computer games, TV programs, and BOOKS, and I found this Carmen over at What I Wore blog.  I will also note this blog is super great, and has many more super fun costume ideas for when you need to play dress up!

Carmen Sandiego brought to life by Jessica Quirk from What I Wore

Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter Books

Luna Lovegood the adorable and quirky little Blondie from the Harry Potter series was brought to life by a fan's costume I found over at Luna Fans. I must say brilliant use of the bike helmet!

Luna Lovegood Costume

Fancy Nancy be 6 or 7 again I would morph myself into Miss Fancy Nancy. This is one of those books that I am tempted to buy and read even though I have a house packed full of little boys. I mean come on how fun is she!!!  I found this costume over at Blu Moon Design.

Fancy Nancy!

Curious George and The Man in The Yellow Hat

One of my faovirte books series....Curious George

Looking after Curious George is over at Father Apprentice is The Man with the Yellow Hat. I love this idea for a costume for character day. Actually you could probably be either one George or The Man with the Yellow Hat!

Cute cute book inspired costume idea again from Dad Apprentice

How To Train Your Dragon

The Book

This is one of my favorite young readers books.  I know this costume doesn't say that it's Hiccup but it totally could be. I am Momma - Hear Me Roar is a brilliant blog with brilliant ideas, and this costume is no exception. I mean she used rug and toilet bowl covers which made for a super cute Hiccup in my opinion!

Super Cute Viking


This little pig has big personality! I found the cutie dressed up below over at YOURS TRULY.  To cute for words!

The sweetest little Olivia

If Give A Mouse A Cookie

Book Mouse

I thought this costume was very original and would work great for child or adult. You could change up the undershirt to a grey t-shirt or turtle neck if you didn't want to go sleeveless. The cookie looks super simple to make, and you could just make a large one out of card board if you didn't have two dressing up. I found this story brought to life on website Instructables complete with instructions.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Costumes

Okay folks I had a ton of fun looking at all the book inspired costumes, and these where some of my very favorite and most original finds. I do have a few links of some honorable mentions below that where just to cute to leave off. So check out that list if you are looking for more inspiration for a book character. I would love to hear from all of you on what characters you would like to bring to life with costumes inspired by favorite books???

Honorable Mention Links

1. American Doll
2. Corduroy
3. Max
4. Madeline  (*This one is Seriously Adorable)
5. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
6. Book Fairy
7. Cat in the Hat & Green Eggs and Ham
8. Sherlock Holmes
9. Narnia Costumes
10. Arthur