Monday, January 9, 2012

40 Chores in 40 Days (Day 20)

Half way mark! I know it's taken me long enough. I am such a slacker. Not only the chores, but I have been neglecting my poor blogs these past two months as well. However, I refuse to give up my 40 chores in 40 days! I will finish this list! I mean, I have hit the half way mark...That's got to count for something, right? Maybe I should make it my New Year's resolution....Naa that would be silly of me considering I don't think I have ever completed one of those goals and I assure you if I did, it was a complete accident.

 Anyway, back on track here with day 20 which the job at hand was cleaning under the kitchen sink. This was not so bad. I just placed things in baskets like all the cleaning supplies, and such. I don't really have too much since I do the majority of my cleaning with vinegar and baking soda these days. Although, I do keep Lysol and Lysol wipes on hand for those overly gross or germy moments. After all, having three little boys pretty much makes Lysol a must have. I did throw out a few, mostly empty, bottles of this and that. The end result was a much more organized cleaning supply cabinet! Three cheers for slowly, but none the less hurdling past the half way mark!! =)

 Any of you readers out there have any handy dandy cleaning tips you would like to share? What about any tips for cleaning with a child with severe allergies?


DeborahRobson said...

I have no tips, but good for you for doing all of this! I wish I was as motivated:)

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