Monday, November 7, 2011

40 Chores in 40 Days (Day #18)

Another chore bites the dust! Day 18 here folks and I get to mark another chore off the list. Today's task at hand was cleaning off my laundry table. The table was meant to be a folding table, but is more like a "pile everything here" table when there are too few hangers downstairs or I am too hurried to fold. There was a small hill on that table. okay, I lied. It was more like the Mount Garrett of laundry, but I have climbed and defeated the challenge. You can now see the table and it can now serve its intended purpose! Mark off day 18....Thank you and I shall be here tomorrow with day 19 coming at you!

Seriously I am horrible at remembering to take the pictures folks I do apologize (again)!


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