Friday, June 24, 2011

Eleven Year Anniversary

First Year of Dating
On October 8th 1997  I went on my very first date. On November 28th 1997 I received my first kiss, and on June 24th 2000 I married the man who captured my heart on that very first date. Happy Anniversary to us! I fell in love with him for many reasons, but the words on our wedding invitations still after eleven years say it best.

For hearing my thoughts,
understanding my dreams,
and being my best friend
For filling my life with music
and loving me without end.

engagement picture

Wedding Day Snap Shot
Today we celebrate our love and the day that the foundation of our family was built, and what a beautiful family we have. I still smile when I think about all the joy and love that was celebrated on our wedding day, but you know my heart dances with joy when I think about how much we have grown in our love. I am amazed at the way my husband loves me. Our marriage is special, and our love keeps growing. I do not love my husband the same amount I did on my wedding day I love him much more than that. That's the thing about true love it continues to grow and mature. I praise God for giving me such a wonderful husband who serves the Lord, and the people around him with a colossal amount of love!!!  I am truly blessed beyond measure. I am looking forward to walking hand in hand into whatever our future brings our way!

Our Big Old Love Today



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