Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My children seem to be be growing up way to fast in my opinion this is both scary and exciting. However as a result of them growing up I find myself working even harder to lock away priceless memories for safe keeping. It is also probably the very reason I find myself boo-hooing during Toy Story 3 when Andy ventures off to college. While the college years even the high shcool years are still in the future for my boys. I have taken notice of the years speeding by, and how the future has away of sneaking up on you. Childhood is precious and short lived. So this Mother's Day I hope all you mommies out there got the chance to soak up some of your own memories with your offspring! Happy Mother's Day Ladies!!!

My Sweet Mother's Day Gifts

Bunny Ears On Mother's Day

There are few things sweeter in this world than seeing the words "Mom I Love You" scribbled out in your child's handwriting!


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