Friday, February 11, 2011

Love+Marriage+Children = Dream Date Number 2

Dream date number two comes to us from the lovely and classy Mrs. Stefanie Byrd, a Baptist pastor’s wife and homemaker. Stefanie and her husband Jeremy have been happily married for ten years and are raising three adorable children in West Tennessee. When I asked Stefanie to share what her dream date would be, I would have never have imagined the answer I got. It was most unexpected. To her it’s not so much about the date, but about cherishing the one you share your life with. Stefanie shows us that the anniversary of a marriage is worth celebrating despite the unexpected circumstances and chaos that comes with life, marriage and parenthood. Her dream date was real and rooted deeply in love.

Here is what Mrs. Stefanie Byrd had to say about her dream date…

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary on January 12. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years. We've seen many moves and 3 kids over those years. It was in celebrating our anniversary that I had my dream date.

We loaded up all the kids in the Expedition that is crusted over in road salt and needing a wash in a bad way; cheerios and crushed animal crackers all over the floor. We chose Outback because we got gift cards for Christmas and we didn't want to go over our monthly budget by going somewhere else. Anna started complaining about a stomach ache about 10 miles out and threw up 2 miles later. No big deal, we just pull out some wipes and get back on the road. Liam decides that he's tired of riding and cries the last 5 min before we arrive.

Since we are a party of 5 that requires two high chairs and a booster seat, we are seated at the largest table in the restaurant and the focus of many attentions as we get everyone settled. Jeremy and I engage the kids in coloring as our pre-dinner entertainment and are relieved as the bread and salads arrive. Anna's stomach starts hurting again and she is getting whinny.

As dinner arrives, Isla starts crying. Upon getting her from the carrier, I smell what the problem is. And so does most of the people in the booths behind me. As I clean her up in the bathroom, it's clear that she has the same stomach bug that Anna has.

When I return to the table, Jeremy has a worried look on his face as he has realized that the fragile balance of contentment was starting to break and that in seconds we could have any of the three kids pitching one of their grandest in the middle of the restaurant. I say that we need to just get our food to go. He scarf's his down, something he regrets later. We pack up our boxes and we quickly head out, patting each other on the back as we go. Not to bad.

As we were heading to the car, Jeremy said "Happy Anniversary, sorry it wasn't more special." I said "Are you kidding, I wouldn't have it any other way!" And I wouldn't. My family is such a blessing to me. Going out to celebrate the birthday of our family is one amazing dream date to me!


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