Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Chronicles of Potty Training

So, the Garrett household has been diaper free since April, which has been reason to celebrate since the youngest Garrett was anything but willing to give up the diaper. He was so stubborn in this department and was unwilling to let go and move on to the big boy potty milestone. However, it finally happened, on his terms of course. He just decided one day to be a big boy and that was the last of the diapers. However, I kept some notes of our potty training adventures leading up to his big decision. I call them the Chronicles of Potty Training. With my other children, it took me about a week to potty train, so I always made plans to make no plans and stay home to let the potty training begin. Here are my notes for the week with my youngest…this my friends was an epic fail!

Day 1
Cooper was about 2 ½ the first time I tried to get him to use the potty. Day one was productive, but not the "he learned to use the potty in one day" kind of productive. Lets face it, that would be the stuff miracles are made of. Instead, we established that flushing the potty is fun. I see this as a warning sign if any small objects go missing. I know the likelihood of them being lodged somewhere in my plumbing is a high possibility, thanks to lessons I learned during the potty training years of my now 6 year old son. He attempted to flush everything, including the puppy!
Day 2
Today we established that the words tinkle and Mommy singing the made up potty song, is amusing to the point of laughter for the 2 year old. I think he is mocking my efforts to forever dispose of diapers in the Garrett household. Also, reminding me just how badly I hate potty training. Seriously folks, I consider potty training my children one of the great accomplishments of my adult life. I know it’s sad, but oh so true.
Day 3
Today I made a large pile of clean undies to store in the bathroom for the many, many changes I foresee in our future today. I am also praying and thanking the Lord for the wisdom he gave us to remove the carpet in the house, and replace it with hardwoods. I also admit that I giggled a little when Cooper peed on my husband’s side of the bed as I was thankful it was not on me or my side of the bed. Oh, have I mentioned that at this point we have not tinkled once in the potty…yep not once, but we shall press on to day four.
Day 4
Today I broke my own rule of staying home for a week to potty train. We went to the zoo with some friends for a play-date. I feel like such a rebel =)
Day 5
Not much has changed. Still not one single use of the potty has occurred, and he still laughs and looks at me like I am crazy person when I sing the potty song. However to show for our training efforts today a soggy, gross pile of underoos and a half empty bottle of Lysol. This is not one of the benefits of motherhood.
Day 6
Okay not one time has the kid used the potty. I am frustrated, and he officially screams when I mention the word POTTY…I quit will resume in month or two!
Like I mentioned above it did finally happen in April a couple months after I had tried the week at home devotion to Potty Training which worked on my other two children. With Cooper, it was all about his own terms and we haven’t had an accident in months, not even at night time! This is me doing the happy dance that we are finally diaper free household!!!!
Okay all you parents, got any tips about how to potty train toddlers with limited frustrations for parents out there stuck in the potty training phase?


Anonymous said...

haha..I enjoyed reading this! lol... Yes I agree that potty training is such a pain! My mom used a method for all of us..I think the book is called "toilet training in a day" or something like that. I didn't use all of what it says to do but I did use the "practicing" when they had accidents. You're supposed to take them from ten different spots in your house and say "If your in the (living room) and need to go potty you have to run run run to the potty, pull your pants down, potty, pull your pants back up". You have the child by their hand and take them to each of the different rooms and say this and they have to pull down their pants and sit and get back up and pull them back up every time. They usually hate this part and cry through most of it. With my oldest this worked pretty well but with my younger one my first try was similar to yours and she was in no way ready and just kept peeing on everything even though I was taking her or asking her it seemed every 5 minutes. I gave up after a few days and said we'd try again later. A month or so later she was then ready and could feel more when she needed to go. So I'd say it's different with each child.

-Leslie Breeding

Mr. Shife said...

Congrats on getting the potty training done. I appreciate the information because we are getting ready - we hope - to get Kyle started down the potty training path. We are not pushing it on him but we are really eager for him to get going because we want him to be out of diapers before the new baby comes along.

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