Monday, April 5, 2010

Kelli Trontell

I have been itching to blog about inspiring people again the past couple of weeks. Last week I blogged about Allen Mazan Peace Corp Volunteer. This week I find my inspiration in a young Nashville entrepreneur and lover of life Kelli Trontell. I first met the beautiful, enchanting, bubbly red head with the warm smile at a GOA gathering, which is the company both of our husbands work for. My first impression of Kelli was that this girl has exquisite sense of style and a spirit that could melt Antarctica. Kelli is a California native who fell in love with the city of Nashville, TN. Now she calls Music City her home. Kelli describes what she does with her camera as capturing people with sparkle and passion, and a love for life through her lens. I would have to say she does just that with her photographs. Her artful photographs have just the right amount of flare, beauty, and atmosphere. Yet her talentful art seems to leave behind a raw existence of reality which lets the true beauty of her clients showcase in her her work. Kelli's combined love for photography and people are truly a perfect match in making this radiant woman's photographs an exquisite piece of art.


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