Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chore Jar List

Several people have asked me what kind of chores I put in my kids chore jar and behavior chart. So I thought I would share the list of chores with everyone. I tried to make them fairly simple chores that could be achieved with little help from Mom.

I also wanted to update everyone on how the new behavior chart system is working for us. So far it works really well. The boys hate having to move their clips and we have never made it to the chore chart option at the bottom as of yet. Losing 30 minutes of bedtime is about as far as we go on any given day. One of my sons is as stubborn as they come and usually falls in the floor like the world is ending when I make him pull a clip, even though the tantrum itself gets another clip pulled(I don't know why he hasn't figured that out yet). All this to say the act of making them pull their clips themselves seems to be enough to get thier attention. On most days just a little reminder that the clip system is in order and breaking the family rules has consequences is just the thing that keeps the Garrett household in controlled chaos order! Because lets be real....when raising three boys, life is never in perfect order, but this is helping.

The list of chores I Included in my chore jar:

1. Scrub baseboards
2. Clean under sofa
3. Organize bookshelves
4. Pick up sticks from yard
5. Sweep Hallway
6. Scrub toilets
7. Clean out bottom of fridge
8. 10 write offs ….( I will follow the rules)
9. Say I am sorry
10. Take out bathroom trash
11. Wash table
12. Clean under bed
13. Write an I am sorry letter
14. Second chance…Wow you're LUCKY
15. Give someone a hug
16. Help a family member out
17. Ask what you can do to help
18. Get all trash out of van
19. Make everyone’s bed in the house
20. Set the table at the next meal
21. Load or unload silverware from dishwasher
22. Write down 5 things you are thankful for today
23. Sharpen all the pencils in jar
24. Laundry (ask mom)
25. Draw out two chores….bummer
26. Think of your own chore and do it well
27. Sort laundry
28. Organize Wii games
29. Scrub behind toilet
30. Write a letter to someone of your choice
31. Read a book
32. Write down 3 things you love about each family member in this house.
33. Find something to donate
34. Organize one toy section/box
35. Read a book to one of your brothers
36. All outside toys in backyard
37. Vacuum
38. Dust
39. Organize dish towel drawer
40. Organize utensil drawer

If you missed the behavior chart system blog the first time around you can find it by clicking HERE.


Emmy said...

Oh love love these!! Great list. I really need to implement this.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wow, you're organized. Going to bed 30 minutes early is the end of the world in our house ;-)

Mr. Shife said...

I am so happy to see this list. We just talked to my 3-year-old the other day about chores, and as soon as he is potty trained we told him that he is going to have to do some things around the house. I know he is only 3 but he can do some stuff. My wife and I just believe it is important that kids understand that they have to be responsible and they are not entitled to things because they have mastered the art of breathing. Thanks for sharing this great information. Have a good one.

Unknown said...

go mama! this is an awesome idea :) my little one is only a few days old but i'll have to bookmark this post for the future!

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