Friday, October 21, 2011

Bambi Inspired Fashion (Polyvore)

I have a confusion to make all of this 40 chores in 40 days things is wearing on my creative right brained self so what to do I do....Several things actually I spend way to much time on pinterest, I drive my husband nuts on doing more creative home decorating projects and remodeling, I prepare to breakout the sewing machine(I am usually not patient enough to do sewing projects), and I go back to my old stand by of Polyvore. So it's a large possibility that you are going to see many of my Polyvore sets posted in between all these chores blogs. Lately I have been on a Disney, fairy tales, girlie girl kick so prepare yourselves for lots of pink, lace, ruffles, and tiaras!

Today's Polyvore set inspired by Disney's Bambi. I felt this set was very Autumn. I would totally wear this outfit mostly those boots! Boots and Christmas are the only things I enjoy about cold weather.

4/10 Disney Challenge (Bambi)