Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back To School

Walking to School On The First Day
 Well, the first full week of school is officially under our belts. I would say that this first week was measured only with success for both the Garrett family and Cole Elementary. The boys seem to be adapting to their new teachers and classrooms in a positive way. I personally enjoyed this week's open house meet and greet on Tuesday and Thursday. I left the school both afternoons feeling good about not only the boys amazing teachers, but the whole organization and operation of the school.

Cole Elementary has a student body of 854 students this year and 97 well equipped staff members. The students, faculty, and volunteers are the framework to which the school sets it's high standards. Those standards are what makes this elementary school team celebrated by my family. I appreciate that Cole Elementary believes in every student's ability to achieve big things not only in school, but in their lives, and they are not afraid of holding the children to those standards.

I am expecting a challenging school year for my 1st and 4th grader. However, I feel confident that under Cole Faculty's vision for education and lots of parental involvement both of my students will make first-class gains in their academic achievements, while developing skills they will carry with them for a lifetime. I really do believe in and love this school. I am truly convinced that Cole Elementary's staff, in it's entirety, care about my children's education and dreams almost as much as I do!


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