Wednesday, October 16, 2013

41 Things I want My Kids To Know About Me...

What I want My Kids to Know About Me...
Simply Me....Simply Mom
41 Things I want My Kids to know about me some good, some fun, some not so good. It is simply a list of things I someday want to communicate to them.  I want them to know about the things I love, and most important that I love them and their Dad. I want them to know that I have fears, and that I mess up. I want them to know that before I was Mommy I was simply me.  I want them to know……

1.       I truly love Jesus as my Redeemer, my Peace, my King!

2.       I love you munchkins with every molecule of my being!

3.       I am a creature of habit. I don’t do change well.

4.       After all these years I am still completely in love with your Dad.

5.       My greatest successes are the 4 of you.

6.       God’s plans for me have often been different than my own plans.

7.       I am not a morning person!

8.       I pray for you every day.

9.       I will fight with all my might for this family.

10.   I like flowers and books more than diamonds.

11.   I wasn’t made for winter.

12.   I want you in church more so than that I want you to have relationship with God!

13.   I value kindness in a person.

14.   I hate talking on the phone.

15.   I am a country girl that lives in the city.

16.   My room has never really been clean.

17.   Being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done.

18.   I am not your friend.

19.   I am not a perfectionist more like the opposite.

20.   I can bait my own fish hook.

21.   I am dyslexic and learning was always hard for me.

22.   I have a love hate relationship with sleep.

23.   I don’t do scary movies.

24.   I was afraid of the dark until I was a teenager.

25.   I always wanted to be a Mom so you guys made my dreams come true!

26.   I wanted to write children’s books.

27.   I don’t mean to shout, and I am never proud when I do. I am a work in progress.

28.   I really do believe that one person can make a difference.

29.   I am not good at following a schedule which is a blessing and a curse.

30.   I am romantic and a big old softie!

31.   I like to be creative.

32.   I love a good costume party.

33.   I love what a big part music plays in our lives.

34.   I do not love the zoo.

35.   Flea markets and Yard Sales are two of my favorite things.

36.   My favorite fruit is blackberries.

37.   Driving is not my favorite thing.

38.   I think I like Disney world more than you!

39.   My childhood was a happy one.

40.   I make mistakes, and I will make more along the way, but my love for you is the real thing.

41.   I don’t want you to have a self righteous self of entitlement. In other words don’t be a spoiled brat. Be kind, love big, and be at peace with who God is shaping you to be.
My Favorite Piece of Jewelry!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birth Announcement

Birth Announcement

Photo By: Becka Edmonson
 We are proud to announce the birth of our Itty Bitty. Ms. Savannah Hope was born on July 31st at 1:36 p.m. making her dramatic entrance into the world a month early. She weighed 5lbs 8oz and was 19 inches long. She is welcomed home by three joyful big brothers! The whole families hearts have been stolen!!! We are in complete wonderment of this beautiful little gift from God!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pink Exploded in My House!

When you have three boys, and you are expecting a little girl this is what happens at my house a pink explosion. I end up with an all pink nursery for our itty bitty. I admit that I am in love with this simply yet super girly room in my house! I have to give a giant shout out to my parents who help in a big way. My mom did all the painting which is not the most fun job in the world, and my dad painted then hung the chandler adding a dimmer switch to the room! Thanks parentals!

Monday, June 24, 2013

13 Years of Us!

"For hearing my thoughts,
understanding my dreams,
and being my best friend
For filling my life with music
and loving me without end."
13 Years!
Today my sweet husband woke me up with a "Happy Anniversary". It made me smile. This is one of my favorite days of the year.

13 years of marriage and memories. In theory 13 years doesn't really seem like that many years, but when you fall in love at 14, get married at 18, have your first kid at 20, buy your first house at 21 thirteen years sure holds a lot of life. I couldn't have dreamed up a better partner to journey though this life with, and I am looking forward to the many more adventures, memories, joys, and even the tears and trials that life brings our way. All of life's moments have taught us more about each other, more about true love, and more about God's blessings and timing. Today we celebrate all that life lived together, all the life still yet to be lived. Our anniversary the celebration of the foundation on which our family was built. Happy 13th Anniversary to my sweet husband!!!

Our World!
10 Things I LOVE about My Husband!
1. He loves me and all my faults in a big way!
2. He is a man with a deep faith in God, and in that he is building a strong foundation for his family.
3. How he gets flustered while putting together furniture. (it makes me laugh)
4. He calls me everyday at some point during the day to just check in.
5. From day one he has been an amazing hands on Dad.
6. I love his passion and talent for music.
7. He is intelligent, funny, and lets not forget good looking =)
8. He's a hard-worker, a family man, a lover, a provider, and believer!
9. He isn't afraid to show emotion.
10. He knows me!

Growing Up Together....Or at least trying to!


 I praise God for giving me such a wonderful husband who serves the Lord, and the people around him with a colossal amount of love!!! I am truly one blessed and very loved girl!